IMS Back-end

“Information management can be easy”

We think information management is a serious business.

Therefore we have chosen M-Files, a world class and market proven platform, that evolves at same speed with your needs, while remaining

  simple to adopt and  use.

What you should expect ?

A holistic

Information Management System (IMS), for  document, process and data

managementfully integrated with winSIGN Portal by API

A powerful tool

for collaboration on documents,

with Versioning, access control,

and flexible workflows .

One place

 for managing structured and unstructured data,

with AI algorithms for metadata extraction

Safe and scalable, natively connected

with productivity tools that you use

(Microsoft Office, Google G-Suite, ERPs, CRM)



Download M-Files brochure for Contracts Management

Does it worth

the investment in contracts management alone ?

We can’t answer on your behalf.

We just want you to know that once implemented,

you may think of digitalizing other processes too :

– Backoffice (finance AP/AR) –
– Project Management –
– Quality Management –
– Facilities & Assets Management –
– Drawings Management –
– HR –

Want know more about M-FILES?

Get in contact with WING specialists for a demo or proposal.